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My Family and Childhood

Through my writing journey God, my family and my friends have been my support, especially my husband TJ who is a constant encouragement and who reads anything I put in front of him. My mother, grown children and grandchildren all love to write as well as create stunning art. I feel blessed to belong to such a gifted family.

Peace is found in creating characters my readers can relate to and connect with. When writing I pray for God's guidance in developing stories where readers can escape and are transformed from their worries and troubles.

While growing up my parents were conscious about shielding my siblings and me from too much television and negative influences. They did not want to hamper our spiritual growth or risk our innocence, so instead we were herded outdoors into nature. One time we even traveled in a gutted-out school bus we called home. We also lived in a tent on the flank of the Verde River in Northern Arizona. We lived in a private commune where we worked in gardens for room and board, we hiked endless hours through woods and mountains and streams and rivers. We ate the fish we caught and vegetables we grew ourselves. We were in constant awe of God's mighty and beautiful handy work. My parent's decision to surround us with nature and spirituality fueled our creativity and imagination. Our opportunity to live such a carefree childhood in where at night we listened to the river flow past our tents, frogs and crickets fill the air and I personally hold dear the memories of horses splashing the river banks.


My faith and nature inspired me to read and write for endless hours and both were the catalyst behind my dream to be a writer.


Here in my small community of Cheyenne County folks are genuinely caring and strive to help each other. Sometimes this is simply checking in on each other during snowstorms, moving cattle, plowing fields, providing equipment and manpower during harvest, providing food and resources to families in need and supporting each other in crisis and tragedy. Rural and small town life is the best. 


In 2017 my husband presented to me a MasterClass, in which I was then chosen as one of the three finalists (out of over 5K entries) to co-author a book with New York Times best-selling author James Patterson. The experience was thrilling. You can read about this on my Writing Journey page. 


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